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Sink or Swim-Neither is an Option

Maintenance can only be put off for so long before you see big, completely avoidable consequences.  Please get on our calendar now for an inspection so we can fix anything that might be broken and get you into the water by spring. Some owners are replacing their teak decks with Flexiteek & synthetic teak decking, while others are going with paint and non-skid decks in place of the teak. Our …Read More

Free Temporary Moorage for Our Customers

The historic and sheltered Point Hudson Marina is one of the prettiest destinations, and most easy-to-use marinas in Puget Sound. You may moor your vessel for two days, free of charge, at our 200-ft long, private dock while doing business with Sea Marine. Free estimates and competitive rates for work. We have openings now. Reserve moorage and your free estimate at 360-385-4000. We are just a few steps away from …Read More

Winterization Reminder- Considering an engine service?

Considering an engine service? Many people wait until spring to have their engine(s) serviced, the thought being that the best time to service the engine is just prior to being used for the season. I always encourage our customers to have their engine(s) serviced in the fall – before storing the boat for the winter. The reason for this is that dirty engine oil and dirty fuel filters are breeding grounds …Read More

Vintage Workboat to Charming Launch

Vintage Workboat to Charming Launch We have a great little boat in our shop right now, the Pintail, a one-of-a-kind, 1929 Milgard cabin launch, owned by Katherine Simpson of Port Ludlow. Much has been written about this boat, first built for the cannery fishing fleet. One of the things we like about our work, as owners bring their vessels to us to fix, is learning more about nautical history, as …Read More

Considering Purchasing a Boat? Take the plunge

So – you want to buy a boat – congratulations! Some people buy boats because they’ve made the decision to get away with family and friends and go to places where landlubbers can’t go. Lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, harbors, islands, and even oceans are suddenly available for your exploration when you own a boat. Whatever your reason for buying a boat, you are making a lifestyle choice, and the following questions …Read More

S/V Whisper Update

The “Whisper” is afloat! In September of 2013, during the annual Wooden Boat Festival we welcomed you aboard ‘Whisper’ a 35′ 1956 Knutson to view its restoration progress. Eight months later we are pleased to announce it has returned to the water just in time for the Summer season. We have just lowered “Whisper,” a 1956, Knutson 35 wooden sloop, into the water for Jerry and Sandy Rogerson. It’s been 18 …Read More

Preparing for Summer cruising

Tips for maintenance and spare parts on extended trips Taking a long trip in a boat is much different than taking a long trip in a car. For one thing there aren’t boatyards on every street corner – heck there aren’t even streets! You must be prepared with oils and spare parts on board. For instance on a typical cruise to Alaska from Puget Sound, a boater will need to …Read More

Bow Thrusters – Making the Right Choice

If you own a boat, you probably have considered having a bow thruster installed to help give you confidence while docking and departing in tight marina situations. Not only do they help you maneuver your boat but they can also help save relationships. Bow thrusters fit cruisers, sailboats, sport boats, and trawlers. Knowing how to select the right bow thruster for your boat and the benefits of having one are …Read More

Elements of a Boat

Know the Parts of Your Boat SEA Marine Yacht Services of Port Townsend, Wa specializes in boat repair, refits & marine electrical & mechanical services Boating can be much more successful when you are familiar with the elements of the boat itself. We encourage you to take a boating safety course and become familiar with the parts of your boat so that you can go out on the water in …Read More