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Bow Thrusters – Making the Right Choice

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If you own a boat, you probably have considered having a bow thruster installed to help give you confidence while docking and departing in tight marina situations. Not only do they help you maneuver your boat but they can also help save relationships. Bow thrusters fit cruisers, sailboats, sport boats, and trawlers. Knowing how to select the right bow thruster for your boat and the benefits of having one are going to help you have a more pleasurable boating experience and the good news, they are not just for large boats anymore!

Determining what’s right for your boat and conditions:

The main factors that decide correct thruster size are: Boat owner performance requirements and Boat size, type and shape. Price should be the least influential . The proper fit is determined by more than the length and hull type.

How do you choose the right bow thruster for your boat?

Your boat yard is going to be the leading expert on which thruster is right for your boat – not the manufactures sales rep. Your boat yard will know how you use your boat, if your boat has an adequate power or electrical system to get the bow thruster the power it needs on demand; and they will also understand your specific tidal currents, weather conditions and  unique navigation issues in your local area.  Your boatyard will support you and help you during the decision process.

How do I know if a bow thruster will meet my performance needs?

The thruster performance is determined by the boats wind area, the wind area distribution and the thruster’s tunnel position. From these calculations, we can determine what thrust is needed to counter the wind pressure with the given thruster position. The boat weight is normally not a major factor for most pleasure craft unless they are regularly used in areas where the thruster is required to counter strong currents. Having a bow thruster provides you with an opportunity to gain total control of your boat, leaving the main engines to propel the boat forward and backwards as they were intended.  A properly installed thruster should help you rotate your boat 360 degrees in a very short time. With that in mind, choosing the right thruster for your boat is a matter of choosing the right size and power of thruster, for the type of boat and conditions you anticipate being in. Ask us which bow thruster is right for your sailing or cruising needs.

Here are some ways additional ways in which bow thrusters support boaters:

  1. Thrusters improve your boating in general
  2. Leeward control – Bow thrusters help you gain better control in high winds
  3. Control your approach – Help you navigate more precisely and confidently in tight marina situations
  4.  Safety –  in the case of an emergency they can help you steer
  5.  Set your anchor precisely – A bow thruster helps you settle the boat straight back against the rode.

If you have questions about having a bow thruster installed on your boat, please feel free to contact us

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