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Winterization / Boat Storage

Winterization: Long & Short Term Boat Storage, Decommissioning

SEA Marine of Port Townsend, Wa, has many Long Term & Winter Storage customers who place their boats in our care throughout the year or for the winter season. Our storage facility is home to over 75 boats, up to 54′ in length (limitations apply, see storage rules). Use our service or Haul-out request form to schedule or secure your space. SEA Marine provides full decommissioning services and preparation for safe winter storage. Our year round staff is here to monitor your vessel throughout the winter. In the spring, we will re-commission the systems. We want to make your time on the water as trouble-free as possible, which starts with a proper winterization.

  • Winterization of main engines, generators and outboards
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Drain water tanks and system, water heater and heads
  • Careful hauling, pressure washing and blocking of your vessel
  • Continuous monitoring of your boat, its stands and power connection.
  • Shrink Wrap available (customizable for access…)
  • Periodic onboard vessel checks available upon request

Make Sea Marine your HomePort and start your season off right!

Take advantage of your boat’s ‘down time’ to tune up and upgrade for the summer boating season. Make docking easier with a new bow thruster. Upgrade dated cabinetry, canvas and upholstery. Enhance your confidence in your engine’s performance with mechanical maintenance. Invest in the latest technology and have new electronics installed for next boating season. Renew your boats appearance with a quality LP paint job.

Comprehensive Service Package

SEA offers customizable Decommissioning & Commissioning packages that go beyond the basics, to put your boat properly “to bed” to best prepare your boat for the coming season. Choose from a menu a service items to create a personalized kit: detailing, buff and wax, shrink wrapping, engine & system winterization, engine service, annual system service, multiple haul outs and more. SEA Marine will put a great price on the entire package billed in equal monthly payments*.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink-wrap is cost effective, durable, & offers excellent UV protection. Shrink-wrap helps stop the weather from damaging your gel coat, seating and canvas. Our shrink-wrap covers are ventilated and accessible via a zippered door. Shrink wrap helps eliminate moisture and mildew concerns and is the best outdoor storage protection on the market today.

Ready to learn more about our winter and long term storage? Contact us.