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Sea Marine Rigging Shop

SEA Marine is a full-service rigging shop in Port Townsend. For safety reasons or to enhance the performance of your boat, we will inspect, replace or update your rigging equipment. SEA offers a full range of rigging services including spring step /fall unstep, sail repair and replacement, standing & running rigging repair & replacement, winch service – repairs or replacements. Our Roller Swagging Machine allows us to make the most durable and professional standing rigging and lifelines possible.

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  • Mast Work / Finish / Wiring
  • Mast Repair or Replacement
  • Standing & Running Rigging
  • Swagging
  • Rig Tuning
  • Rig Inspections
  • Davits
  • Furling Systems
  • Customized Deck Design
  • Stanchions & Lifelines
  • Winch & Deck Hardware Services
  • Life Lines installed or Replaced
  • Rigging
  • Evaluations or Inspections

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While Sailing is relaxing, enjoyable, and rewarding, it can only be that way if safety is a top priority. SEA takes the utmost care in ensuring your vessel meets required safety measures.

Safety Inspections

  • Systems Checks

Sea Trials

  • Survey Sea Trials
  • Fueling – Fuel Polishing
  • Equipment Checks / Safety Survey

Long Distance Preparation

  • Vessel preparation for long distance cruising destinations
  • Routine system checks during the season
  • Insurance procedure documentation