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Sink or Swim-Neither is an Option

Sink or Swim

Maintenance can only be put off for so long before you see big, completely avoidable consequences.  Please get on our calendar now for an inspection so we can fix anything that might be broken and get you into the water by spring.

Some owners are replacing their teak decks with Flexiteek & synthetic teak decking, while others are going with paint and non-skid decks in place of the teak. Our Pacific Northwest environment is tough on teak decks, and when the deck core becomes compromised, it requires extensive repairs. We’re experts at both replacement and saving your deck. Now’s the time to get it done before next years’ cruising season.

You might also consider a repower this winter before all the other boat owners replace or repair an engine last minute, in the spring. Really, you don’t want to be high and dry in June. We install all makes of engines, and are a Beta Marine engine dealer. Call and talk with us if your old engine is due to retire.

We’ll put you up for free (for two days!) at our Point Hudson dock, just a few steps from our National Historic District, for your estimate. Our electricians, mechanics, woodworkers, fiberglassers, plumbers, painters and even a rigger are here to help you! Call today 385-4000.

-Bob McMurray

Repower Manager