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Considering Purchasing a Boat? Take the plunge

So – you want to buy a boat – congratulations! Some people buy boats because they’ve made the decision to get away with family and friends and go to places where landlubbers can’t go. Lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, harbors, islands, and even oceans are suddenly available for your exploration when you own a boat. Whatever your reason for buying a boat, you are making a lifestyle choice, and the following questions …Read More

S/V Whisper Update

The “Whisper” is afloat! In September of 2013, during the annual Wooden Boat Festival we welcomed you aboard ‘Whisper’ a 35′ 1956 Knutson to view its restoration progress. Eight months later we are pleased to announce it has returned to the water just in time for the Summer season. We have just lowered “Whisper,” a 1956, Knutson 35 wooden sloop, into the water for Jerry and Sandy Rogerson. It’s been 18 …Read More