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Winterization Reminder- Considering an engine service?

Considering an engine service?Matt G

Many people wait until spring to have their engine(s) serviced, the thought being that the best time to service the engine is just prior to being used for the season. I always encourage our customers to have their engine(s) serviced in the fall – before storing the boat for the winter.

The reason for this is that dirty engine oil and dirty fuel filters are breeding grounds for trouble; engine oil becomes contaminated with sulfur from the combustion process, when this sulfur is combined with water in the form of condensation in the crankcase, we now have sulphuric acid in the oil pan. Bad news.

Dirty fuel filters contain all of the elements necessary for anaerobic algae growth – dirt and water. I’ve seen old fuel filters so contaminated with algae that they had no flow at all. Once the algae makes it back to the tanks or into your injection pump you have a battle on your hands!

Winter’s coming – tuck your boat in for the winter properly!

Fair winds. Bob

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